NEW Revolutionary Adjustable BBQ Grill Scraper BRISTLE FREE NOW have a SAFE alternative!

Guarding against dangerous wire bristles from BBQ brushes, the "Adjustable BBQ Scraper" was born out of necessity. Click here to read the story from USA TODAY about a 4 yr. old boy in the US & a boy in Canada who encountered life threating injuries from swallowing a wire grill brush bristle.

The Adjustable BBQ Scraper is a SAFE BBQ scraper that adjusts exactly to the grill grate shape, size & spacing in minutes. Designed, with deep grooves that surround the entire sides of the grill grate for maximum cleaning, leaving grill grates squeaky-clean.

Grill Master's you're responsible for the food you serve to Family & Friend's.... please ensure it's SAFE.

Customize Your Grill Scraper For The Perfect Fit In Minutes

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Best BBQ Scraper on the market. BBQ Scraper contours exactly to BBQ grill grate. BBQ Scraper Wooden blades are adjustable to fit most BBQ grill grates. Weber, Char Broil.  Safest BBQ Scraper on the market. Bristle Free wooden blades are safe. Wooden blade contours perfectly to BBQ Grate
A Safe Alternative to a BBQ Brush. BRISTLE FREE BBQ Scraper. BBQ brush alternative. New BBQ Scraper. Best BBQ Scraper that is Bristle Free & Safe.

Cutting Edge BBQ Scraper

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VOTED THE BEST BBQ SCRAPER. Best BBQ Scraper will easily adjust to your BBQ grill grate and match your grill grate profile. BBQ scraper cleans the entire edges and top surface of burnt char, grease and sugary sauces. Wooden BBQ Scraper glides effortlessly on BBQ. Top BBQ Scraper.



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Video for how to setup the profile for triangular, wavy triangular & round grill grates

Revolutionizing the BBQ Scraper Adjustable BBQ Scraper

Revolutionizing the BBQ Scraper. Safe BBQ Scraper. Clean the grates of your grill safely and easily with the Wooden Grill Scraper! Customize the BBQ scraper to fit any grill configuration. This is an alternative to the dangerous wire brushes.

A Griller's Dream! Quickly, Customize your Adjustable BBQ Shape n' Scrape and it's ready to use!!

BBQ SCRAPER, BRISTLE FREE BBQ GRILL SCRAPER lets you SHAPE & RE-SHAPE the BBQ Scraper to any grill grate size, shape and spacing. Easily adjust your BBQ grill. BBQ Scraper thoroughly cleans sides and tops of your BBQ grill grates. NEW revolutionary, universal BBQ tool.

Shape & Re-shape

Bristle Free BBQ scraper will precisely adjust to fit any BBQ grill configuration. Safe & Universal Barbecue Scraper is rated the best. This BBQ scraper is the future BBQ accessory on the market

Change & Re-arrange

BBQ Brushes are a thing from the past. Form & Transform BBQ scraper to fit your grill. Customize the BBQ scraper to perfectly fit your BBQ grill grate.

Form & Transform

Bristle Free BBQ Scraper. Customize to your exact Barbecue grill grates in minutes. This BBQ Scraper is not a BBQ Brush. The BBQ Scraper has wooden blades and a stainless steel frame. Safe to use. Best BBQ on the market. Guaranteed to work on any BBQ.

Customize Any Shape

Video for Blade Reversal & Replacement

How It works

BBQ Brushes are a safety hazard. BBQ cleaning tools such as BBQ brushes are not recommended. Cheap BBQ brushes should be avoided at all cost. There are alternative BBQ cleaning tools on the market. Best Wood BBQ Scraper

Step #1

1. Turn the wing nut counter clockwise to unlock.

2. With the palm of your hand push all the blades upward.

3. Center the BBQ scraper on the grill grates for maximum coverage. The far right & left should have about the same number of blades as shown.

BBQ Scraper. BBQ brushes are a health and safety issue. Folks look for the cheap BBQ brushes to clean the BBQ grill grates but often overlook the safety issue. Alternative BBQ cleaning tools are available to consumer. The wooden BBQ scraper comprising of wood is an alternative verses BBQ brush with wire bristles.

Step # 2

4. Hold the BBQ scraper at 45° degrees to the grill grate.

5. Push the adjustable blades downward on the right & left sides.

6. Ensure there is an even amount of blades on the right & left side.

Shopping for the best BBQ cleaning tools can be a chore. The best BBQ cleaning tool is the wooden BBQ scraper. The worst BBQ cleaning tool is the BBQ brush with wires. BBQ brushes are known to loose those tiny wires and get stuck in your digestive system. Avoid dangerous BBQ brushes..

Step # 3

7. Push the remaining adjustable blades downward until all blades match the grate profile.

8. Take your time doing the better the profile...the better the results.

Best BBQ brushes selling are not the safest BBQ brush on the market. Safe BBQ Brushes claim to be the best BBQ cleaning tool on the market. The BBQ brush is a thing of the past.

Step # 4

9. Turn the wing nut clockwise to lock. 

10. BBQ Shape 'n Scrape is ready to clean your grill grates!


Works exactly as described!

Living in Kemptville, where the creator also lives, I thought I’d help a local business. Saved the postage by meeting Irma in person. Interestingly we both worked for the same high tech firm back in the day. On to the review of the brush. First off, I was really impressed with the ‘build’. This unit screams top quality.. the wood, the metal, even the rivets are all well done. Smooth and substantial. I expect this scraper to last a long time.

Took me a couple of minutes to get the brush precisely set to my grill. My hint would be to align the one side of the scraper next to the grill grate THEN take the contour. It works great. Cleaned my grill better than the stainless steel one I have today. Fully recommend! 

Neil H.

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for designing an alternative to wire brushes. We have all seen reports of people ingesting bits of wire from the old school brushes.. All of our relatives that use barbeques got one of your brushes for Christmas. Thumbs up from everyone. They all said that they are pleased with them. Well done....j&m

Joe & Moe

Christmas Gift

Received the BBQ SCRAPER as a Christmas gift from a dear friend. Just got around to trying it out, as the weather has been so cold here. First impressions when I opened the gift, the quality is exceptional, it's feels good when holding it and the design is brilliant. I read the setup instructions on the inside of the packaging and had no problems.

I wasn't totally happy with the first setup, so I tried the setup again and it was perfect. I pushed down on the scraper, applying some pressure with my other hand and the scraper actually removed the burnt on char and grease build up. Very impressed! Great product! Love it! It will probably out last me. Needless to say, I just throw out my wire brush. Thank you!


Best ,SAFEST----- BBQ scraper ever!

BBQed some Tandoori chicken the other day . Anyone who has done this knows what a mess the yogurt/spice mix leaves on your grill. After some charring the grills prior to cooking the chicken, this BBQ scraper cleaned up the sides and top of the grill WITH EASE! ----- I was so impressed I bought 4

Mary H.

Love it!!!

It's easy to use, very well made and by far the best one we've ever owned! This thing will outlast our BBQ 😂. Highly recommend, honestly



The best BBQ Scraper ever! Words cannot describe how pleased my hubby is with the adjustable BBQ scraper. He didn't need to read the instructions on how to adjust it to the grill grates...he just did it! AMAZING PRODUCT!!! YOU NEED TO GET THIS INTO RETAIL STORES. P.S. I have a few contacts for you PM for more info.



Works very well! I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to meet Irma when I was buying my scraper and replacement blades. She took the time to set up, demonstrate how to adjust and use the scraper and tell her story. This grill scraper is going places! As soon as I got home, I took my scraper out of the packaging and set out to adjust the scraper to fit my grill.

Initially, I didn't take the extra two minutes to really ensure a good, tight fit, and Irma had given me some helpful tips.

Once I spent the time to really set it up (again, like two minutes), all the gunk on my grills started coming off with ease.

Take your time setting it up, apply some pressure to the scraper as you go, and you'll really appreciate using it without having to worry about excess crud and wire bristles left behind.



Hi Irma: GREAT IDEA!!! My wife just bought this for my 71st birthday & I can't wait to try it out this weekend!The design is really ingenious in its ability to adapt to all BBQ grill profiles, maximize the lifespan of the wooden scrapers by them being reversible, minimize waste by allowing me to replace just the wooden scrapers when they're worn down (rather than tossing the whole thing in the trash), & even allowing me to either recycle the spent wooden scrapers or treat them as kindling for the fireplace

John O.

Adjustable Scraper

Hi Irma... just set up my scraper and took it for a test drive. What a beautifully simple product! I also love that you can replace the blades and you don't have to toss the whole thing when it wears down. Ever thought of building washing machines and refrigerators? :-) Thanks again and good luck.

Randy D.