NEW Revolutionary, Universal, Adjustable BBQ Grill Scraper BRISTLE FREE

$37.99 CAD | $29.99 USD | $5.00 FLAT RATE EXPEDITED SHIPPING ......... TAX FREE & DUTY FREE!!!

Making A Difference

Are you RISKING YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS SAFETY by using wire brushes to clean your BBQ grill grates?

Are you wasting your $ buying cheap scrapers or scrapers that don’t work?

NEW…Bristle Free…Adjustable BBQ grill scraper allows you to quickly duplicate your exact grill profile. It's as simple as pushing downward on the individual blades and locking-in the profile. Resulting in a BBQ scraper that will FIT LIKE A GLOVE, with deep grooves for thoroughly cleaning the top and entire sides of your grill grate.

You’ll have SAFE, BRISTLE FREE, CLEAN grill grates in minutes!!!  

Contours to your BBQ grill grate!

Best BBQ Scraper will easily adjust to your BBQ grill grate and match your grill grate profile. BBQ scraper cleans the entire edges and top surface of burnt char, grease and sugary sauces. Wooden BBQ Scraper glides effortlessly on BBQ. Top BBQ Scraper.



A Griller's Dream! Quickly, Customize your Adjustable BBQ Shape n' Scrape and it's ready to use!!

BRISTLE FREE BBQ GRILL SCRAPER lets you SHAPE & RE-SHAPE the BBQ Scraper to any grill grate size, shape and spacing. Easily adjust your BBQ grill. BBQ Scraper thoroughly cleans sides and tops of your BBQ grill grates. NEW revolutionary, universal BBQ tool

Shape & Re-shape

Change & Re-arrange BBQ Scraper, Adjustable scraper any type of grill grate. Cleans top & sides of grill grates. Stainless steel frame. Length 18" A Griller's Dream!

Change & Re-arrange

Form & Transform to any shape to match your grill grates. The thin blades allow for precision duplication of any grill grate. Glides effortlessly on your grill grates. Designed with quality and durability in mind. Great Gift for the Grill Master.

Form & Transform



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How It works

NEW Adjustable BBQ Scraper. Safe Bristle Free. New innovation. Duplicate any grill profile. Set your grill profile and lock into place. Easy to use. Stainless steel frame with a beautiful crafted wooden handle.

Step #1

1. Place your grill grate on flat smooth surface. This is to ensure the blades do not extend past the bottom of the grate. If they do extend pass the bottom of the grate the scraper will cause resistance when cleaning.

2. Turn the wing nut counter clockwise to unlock.

3. Center the BBQ scraper on the grill grates.

NEW Adjustable BBQ Scraper. Finally, a scraper that works on all BBQ grill grates. Cleans top and the entire sides of your grill grates. The grill master will LOVE IT! Keep your food free from the wire bristles. Protect your family & friends when you BBQ.

Step # 2

4. Hold the BBQ scraper at 45° degrees to the grill grate.

5. Push the adjustable blades downward on the right & left sides.

6. Ensure there is an even amount of blades on the right & left side.

NEW INNOVATION, Adjustable BBQ Scraper, Bristle free,  Easy to use! Stainless Steel frame with a long beautiful crafted wooden handle. Glides effortlessly on your grill grates. Cleans top and entire sides of the grill grates. Your GRILLMASTER will LOVE IT

Step # 3

7. Push the remaining adjustable blades downward until all blades match the grate profile.

8. Take your time doing the better the profile...the better the results.

NEW REVOLUTIONARY, UNIVERSAL, ADJUSTABLE BBQ SCRAPER. Designed to adjust & clean any grill grate effortlessly.  You will actually enjoy cleaning your gill grates.  Best BBQ Scraper on the market. The GRILL MASTER will LOVE IT!

Step # 4

9. Turn the wing nut clockwise to lock. 

10. BBQ Shape 'n Scrape is ready to clean your grill grates!

  • Protect Family & Friends!

  • Your Food Deserves a SAFE, Clean Grill!

  • Peace of Mind!

Protect Family & Friends!

Your Food Deserves a SAFE, Clean Grill!

Peace of Mind!